Lizzy’s™ CRM Accounts versus Contacts discussion

Lizzy’s™ CRM Accounts versus Contacts discussion

In some of the other Customer Relationship Management packages out there, a concept of having Accounts that link to businesses and Contacts which links to the people you talk to at those businesses seems to be popular. In this entry I’m going to discuss how Lizzy handles these same processes as well as a few others that don’t seem to exist in some of the other packages.

The first difference that you’ll note inside Lizzy™ is that there is no menu for Accounts. Lizzy assumes that all entries inside the CRM module are the primary businesses and contacts you deal with. If a company has multiple contacts, Lizzy™ tracks them all based on that single business by allowing you to add them under additional contacts. Doing this allows for a single entry point for locating information on the business, keeps all employees and associates of that company linked in a single location and allows management to see how things are going with the company by reviewing a single record instead of having to search for different records for each employee you might be working with.

Since all call records, tickets and anything else stored, are all tagged both by who made the contact as well as who the contact was with, it’s very simple to review history. This also allows your users to create contact records in a single location no matter who they are, without concern for how large they are or whether they should create an account first or just create a contact.

Another feature Lizzy™ has is the ability to build relationships between contacts. If one business happens to be owned by the brother of another of your customers, simply click the build relationship button on the contact detail screen, look up the brothers record, select that they are family and click the Relate button. You’ll be placed back on the original contact record you were viewing and now you’ve got a new button for viewing relationships that can aid you later on with fighting fires or scheduling meetings. Lizzy™ not only builds the relationship between contact A and contact B but also the other direction as well, so that either record being viewed relates to the others.

So while it may appear that Lizzy™ is missing features some of the others have, the reality is that she just tries to simplify your day to day processes and may do things just a bit differently in the process. I think after you start using your free 30 day trial you’ll be truly amazed at what all she does. Keep in mind also that we’re only talking CRM, when you start throwing in PDM, Timesheets, Payroll, Invoicing and all the other things, the level of integration is truly amazing. Give us a call and lets get you started today.