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  • Phone+1 678.359.4184
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  • Open HoursSupport : Mon – Fri: 9 AM – 6 PM EST / Sat: 9 AM – 1 PM EST

Interfacing Your Company Website with Lizzy’s™ CRM System

The importance of your company website can not be under estimated when it comes to finding new contacts that might be interested in your products. Having solid call to actions and simple direct messages also go a long way with converting your website traffic to actual contacts. The question then becomes how to more quickly get those contacts entered into your Lizzy™ Customer Relationship Management system so that you can more quickly respond to their needs.

In this article we’re going to cover the new sitecode.html file that comes with Lizzy™, that can be utilized to take contact information straight off your website and have it entered into Lizzy™ automatically, not only speeding up that critical turn around time between request and response, but also to help eliminate retyping and data entry errors.

The code can be customized in any way you like as long as the critical pieces stay in tact. For just two examples of how different the input can be, refer to https://mylizzy.com and http://www.geeksonsteroids.com. Both utilize the same Lizzy™ sitecode but look completely different.

You can remove all but the green required fields if you like, and move things around anywhere on the page. The idea is to collect the required data which is then fed into Lizzy. Here are a few Lizzy™ specific steps that must be taken before plugging in the script.

1) You must go to Settings / CRM /Teams and make sure that you have a Sales and Support Team setup. These should be entered in that order so that Sales is the first and Support second. Lizzy’s™ sitecode uses these when adding new contacts from your website as you’ll see shortly.

2) Next go to Settings / CRM / Contact Types and write down the exact name you wish to default all new contacts to. This will need to be inserted into the hidden field named “contacttype” at the bottom of the example code.

3) Contact Nizex.com for a reference key that can be used to gain access to your specific company database and insert this value into the hidden field called “nc”.

4) Add your full web address to the hidden field called “site”. This will be used to redirect the user back to your website after their data has been entered.

5) Lastly, if you’d like for Lizzy™ to send you an SMS message on your phone whenever a new or existing user submits data through your website, add your SMS email address to the “sms_phone” hidden field. If supplied, Lizzy™ will automatically notify you when she’s added a new contact. Also note that you can enter a regular email address here if you like as well and she’ll just send an email instead of an SMS message.

Once you’ve supplied all the required data, the script should be ready to go. From then on the following processes will kick off whenever a new user submits data. Keep in mind this also works for existing customers coming back to ask questions.

1) The email address is looked up to determine if the user is already an existing contact. If not, Lizzy™ adds the new contact information, if so she continues with the located contact record.

2) Next she will log a correspondence in order to capture the date, time and detail of the request. The topic for the correspondence is left open in order to keep track of it and a call back is automatically scheduled for the appropriate Team calendar.

3) A text message is sent to the appropriate telephone if the SMS field was supplied.

4) If the contact is a newly created contact, they will have been entered with a sales progress level of “Initial Contact” to enable you to also quickly locate new contacts on the CRM locate screen, as well as a status of New. Both of these should be changed once you begin communication and collect more information from them.

As for the Team Calendar, the process for dealing with events on Team calendars are as follows: You can not delete a calendar entry from a team calendar, you first need to move the item to your specific calendar. Once you’ve accomplished this, you’ve insured that you’re the sales/support rep that will be handling their call and you’ve removed it from the view of others that might otherwise try to call. Once you call and resolve the open topic for the correspondence, Lizzy™ will automatically remove any scheduled calls on your calendar, keeping your calendar showing only calls that need to be made for today, instead of showing a list that never changes. Rescheduling a call will automatically move the current scheduled event to another day.

So as you can see, with the new sitecode.html plugin, you can add a whole new dimension to Lizzy’s™ abilities, as well as the overall functionality of your company website.