Lizzy™ Update 1.26.2010

Lizzy™ Update 1.26.2010

I’m sure some of you have already heard that Lizzy™ was chosen for the PowerSports Business Nifty50 award a few weeks ago. We’re very excited to have been chosen and even more so that we’re the only technology company selected. It’s hard to contain all of the excitement around here and this is only the beginning. In today’s entry I wanted to catch everyone up with where the overall project is and what we’ve got left to do.

We’ll start with Financing as we know there are many of you interested in this particular aspect of Lizzy™. Eric has been doing an awesome job getting this part of the project completed and has actually finished all of the F&I processes. Currently he’s working on the algorithms for calculating taxes and a final total on the deal. All of the back end profits, quotes and other functions are completed. Once taxation is done the last phase will be writing reports which we don’t look to take very long with the processes we’ve put into place.

I’ll be laying out a video covering all the details in the next few weeks and getting the module to a few of you to start testing for us. So far the dealers that have had a chance to see it have been pretty impressed with its layout and ease of use. We’ll continue to tweak it as we start getting more feed back, so I suspect another month from now it will be even better than today.

We’ve started laying out the Warranty processes this week and hope to have it completed within the next 2 weeks. Hopefully before we get to Indy on the 12th. The warranty claim processes are greatly enhanced over those of TBA so we’re excited to get those in your hands as quickly as possible.

Major Unit processes are in the final stages of development and we hope to have them finished within the next week or so.

The payment form is getting a face lift this week and we begin testing the integrated credit card handling processes next week. All other payment processes are already working and ready to go including ACH/EFT.

We’re getting to the point that my list of what is left is getting pretty small. This has us all very excited and we’re looking forward to the future for this product and our relationships with our customers. We really believe that Lizzy™ is going to usher in a whole new world for us all. The things we’re able to accomplish and the tools that will be coming in the months ahead are going to completely revolutionize the Industries in which we compete.

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