Installing Firefox

Installing Firefox

As you may or may not know, Lizzy™ has been developed with some of the latest Web 2.0 technology to provide you with a great user experience. The result of using the latest technology is that we require a secure and standards compliant web browser. The browsers that we recommend and support are Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Google Chrome. If you are using Mac OS X or Linux your already good to go, and you can skip this article. If you are running any flavor of Windows, then you will need to install one of the browsers listed above.

The purpose of this article is to guide you through the process of installing the Mozilla Firefox web browser on Windows, Safari and Chrome will be separate articles.

The first thing you will need to do is click on the Mozilla Firefox link above, this will take you to a page with a “Download Firefox” button, go ahead and click the download button. At this point your browser will pop up a window asking what you would like to do with the file, click on the “Run” button. Depending on your version of Windows you may get a few security warnings, don’t worry, Firefox is safe to download and run.

Once the install file is fully downloaded on your computer, the Firefox setup wizard will appear on your screen. When the wizard appears, just click the “Next” button on the first page, this will take you to the second page of the wizard.

On the second page you will find two options “Standard” and “Custom”, you should select “Standard” and click the “Next” button. Now you are on the last page of the wizard, make sure that the “Launch Firefox now” option is selected and click the “Finish” button.

Now that we have completed the install, Firefox will run for the first time. During Firefox’s first run it is going to ask you a couple of questions, the first of which is “Do you want to make Firefox you’re default browser?”, we recommend that you do make it the default. If you do not want Firefox to be your default browser just select “No” and make sure that you check the “Don’t ask again” checkbox.

Now Firefox will ask if you would like to import your settings, password, cookies, and bookmarks from Internet Explorer, again we recommend that you let Firefox import everything by clicking next. The import wizard may take a minute or two depending on the speed of your connection, once it completes you will be presented with the Firefox browser and can begin using Lizzy™ or just surfing the internet.

Lastly we’d like for you to go to in Firefox. This site uses flash and flash is not installed by default by Mozilla. When you get to the site you should see a bar across the top of the page asking if you’d like to install the flash plugin. Just click the Install link to allow Firefox to take care of this for you. Lizzy™ doesn’t use flash but our main website does.

Happy browsing,