Lizzy™ Update 2.18.2010

Lizzy™ Update 2.18.2010

I wanted to take a few minutes to catch everyone up on our progress as well as speak a bit about this years Indy Expo that we just completed. First the show:

Indy 2010 went very well for Lizzy™ and if anything, let everyone know that she has arrived. We were a bit disappointed in the attendance and size of the show this year however, but considering the economy and the bad weather we faced all weekend from various parts of the country, I guess it made sense. We gave away two 19″ flat screen TV’s to people seeing demos of Lizzy™ doing her thing. Congratulations to Shauna Sobel from Northwest Motor Scooters and Steve Hyde from Mount Holly Power Sports for their good luck during the show.

And for Lizzy™? Well, Lizzy™ ROCKED!

We had originally planned on running Lizzy locally off my Macbook. However, I forgot to copy some of the forms and things we needed to demo F&I. So instead, we demoed her running across a 3G cell phone connection and no one could tell the difference. The response was truly amazing and she performed perfectly all weekend. We got a few suggestions for things we hadn’t thought of and a few tweaks to make in the F&I module as well. Those things have all been completed and added to Lizzy’s™ processes. Overall the show was a huge success and there are no complaints.

Now for the update:
Warranty claims continue to be the sticking point for no other reason than we just haven’t gotten through it all yet. Purchase orders only lack the ability to pay major units which I’m planning to start knocking out today. F&I seems to be finished other than just testing it, and we’re going to start the process for printing all the forms within the next few days. The miscellaneous reports are starting to get ticked off our list as well.

Overall we’ve completed the things that have taken the most time and are in cleanup mode now, writing reports, tweaking interface elements, and finishing the Warranty claim module. We are all starting to relax a bit now that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We’re also quite excited with the way the program performed at the show. Everything that was asked was shown and she performed perfectly with not a single glitch along the way.

The Future is Here!