Is Lizzy Just Another Cloud Solution?

Is Lizzy Just Another Cloud Solution?

I’ve talked about this in previous posts but it’s been a while, and for some reason this question has been raised a lot in the last few weeks. I figured I might as well explain it again, just to make sure people are aware of just exactly what Lizzy is and is not.

What is a Cloud Solution?

The term “Cloud” surfaced a few years back and has been firmed up by companies like that have made a nice mint off of providing these types of solutions. A Cloud solution is a solution where software has been designed by developers all over the world in smaller unrelated projects and then brought together as a final solution. So instead of me writing tax code, I might borrow the tax solution created by Bob in California and the invoice module developed by Cindy in Arizona and put them together and offer a single solution that provides invoicing to my customer or my business. On the surface, it is always held up as the cheaper solution, because you’re not having to develop, or redevelop as it were, the code in-house. In reality it has been proven over and over again that while it might save on up-front development, it actually costs more on trying to keep the solutions working together. This is because the developers doing all the work are not related and in some cases could care less what others are doing with their modules.

Because of this problem actually started an entirely different company to handle the integration and maintenance of their software solutions. The main reason these solutions are called Cloud solutions is because of the fact that you’re basically picking things out of the clouds to build your solution and really have no idea where the pieces are coming from or who is maintaining them. You just need something, grab it, plug it in and use it.

Lizzy is not a Cloud Solution but rather is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. The difference here is that 100% of our code is developed in house. This allows us total control over what we do and allows our solution to be more secure and stable due to us controlling everything ourselves. Our developers all work together and have a central focus in mind as we move down the road. This is why Lizzy runs faster than any other solution out there and has many more features.

So while it may appear as though there is no real difference between the two, there are actually considerable differences. Lizzy is our pride and joy and knowing that all of her functionality is ours to mold any way we wish, is what fuels our ability to move faster and provide more stable solutions than anyone else in any market. Sure, it’s true that our American developers might cost more than what we might get in India, but at the end of the day we all speak the same language, eat the same food and drink the same beer. We’re here to kick some butt and show that while others are farming out all their programming to other countries, there are those of us here that can still hold our own.

So when you purchase Lizzy and start using her, know that she’s 100% down home American grown with no air for clouds.

–glenn hancock