New Training Schedule Announcement

New Training Schedule Announcement

ATTENTION ALL CURRENT & FUTURE LIZZY USERS – OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS!! Win an iPad while in Atlanta! Read on for details …

We knew when we were working on Lizzy that it would be one of those once in a life time achievements for us, and I’m sure for those of you that have spoken to us you probably heard it in our voices. I however, had no idea just how quickly we’d be adding new customers, nor how many of our existing customers would be jumping on board to convert so soon.

Over the years, we’ve tried many different things with respect to training. From sending trainers to our customers’ facilities, to scheduling time on the phone and doing it over the computer. With Lizzy, we’ve pushed the bar a little higher by offering an online Lizzy Learning Center (LLC), which has had a significant impact on learning the new system. However, we wanted to go one step farther.

In February we will be holding our first ever on-site training class here in Georgia. The rates are very affordable and include the Hotel, training facilities and breakfast. The facilities that we’ve arranged are about 20 minutes south of Atlanta Hartsfield Airport, right off Interstate 75 in McDonough.

The idea is to bring us all together so that we can share and listen to ideas from other dealers, learn to use Lizzy, find out about where we’re headed with new features and processes, and allow you to interact with the developers to see who’s behind all of the things you guys are using. We’ll be digging into all areas of the system during the 3 day class, and want to get feedback everywhere we can to help us gauge our progress, and to help dictate the things we’re going to be doing in the future.

This is not the typical training class where you come in and get taught by someone that barely knows the system. You’ll be getting taught by the developers themselves and will be able to find out just why things work the way they do. If you ever wanted a chance to have things changed, this would be where you’d want to be. We’re even raffling off a brand new iPad computer system during the last day of class.

Come learn Lizzy and help her to become the world standard in business management systems. Contact our sales staff as soon as possible as the class is filling up quick and we have limited seating in this first event.

–glenn hancock