What Type of Dealer Management System Does Lizzy Specialize In?

What Type of Dealer Management System Does Lizzy Specialize In?

What Type of Dealer Management System Does Lizzy Specialize In?

Lizzy specializes in a variety of industries, from CRM and PDM to a complete Dealership Management System ( DMS ).  DMS is known by a several different names such as Dealer Management Software, Dealer Management System, Dealership Management System and the list goes on.  We like to refer to it as Business Management Software ( BMS ) because it’s more generic and it really does fit a number of different industries.

In the beginning, we started out in the Lawn and Garden Industry, also known as the Outdoor Power Equipment  (OPE ) Industry depending on how long you’ve been around.  Around 2000 we branched out into the Powersports Industry and we stayed focused on those two industries for many years.  In 2005 when we first began work on what is now known as Lizzy, we started to focus on being able to make the product more generic so that it could support different industries, while still focusing on our core customers.  As a result, we’ve ended up with a stronger solution than our earlier Windows based version and have Lizzy positioned to be an even bigger hit.

We have been able to incorporate all of the requirements into the core system for both OPE and Powersports industries and  added in additional features that none of our competition can provide.  Things like CRM, PDM, Calendar, Chat, Full Financing packages that are completely integrated with the Parts and Service modules and a lot more.  We’re also one of the only systems that has a built in fully functional double entry accounting system.

Our goal with our Business Management System in Phase One was to solve the problems of our current customer base and to provide an open architecture that operates on any platform, whether its Mobile CRM, iPads, Apple products, Microsoft products or even Linux.  To accomplish this we chose to develop the system as an HTML 5 system that you access through your browser and used a technology called AJAX that allows you to access smaller pieces of information faster and to do so without constantly refreshing the entire page.  This allows less information to move faster than any of our competitors sites.

We also have one of the most Affordable CRM systems on the market that holds more features than anything else available.  The CRM Industry is also becoming one of our  focus points as we progress with our current goals but it remains extremely important to us that every module works perfectly with every other.

Lizzy is highly skilled in Lawn and Garden ( OPE ), Powersports, Trailers, Automotive, Software, Hardware, Salvage Yards, Distribution companies and much more.  To find out if Lizzy is the right solution for you, give us a call and we can evaluate your business system requirements to determine all the areas of your business that Lizzy can handle.  If we determine there is something Lizzy cannot handle for you, we will work with you to see what can be done to give her the added skills.  We may also determine Lizzy is not the right solution for your business. Regardless, you will be happy you gave us a call and learned more about what Lizzy has to offer you and your business.



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