04.29.2010 Lizzy™ Update

04.29.2010 Lizzy™ Update

We posted another release last night that adds more functionality to the system as well as fixes a few minor issues some of you have identified. See the Release Notes for more information on what was contained in the release.

We are setting up to do a presentation next Thursday with members of our DPAC (Dealer Product Advisory Committee) group to go through all things F&I. The goal is to get feed back on how the product works and to identify anything that might be missing. I will post back once the meeting is over to list the results and the response we receive from the members.

Everything is looking really good and you can see the excitement starting to surface with everyone here at nizeX, Inc. and SSI about finally having everything ready to go. It’s been a long 4 years working on this project and I for one am really excited about having Lizzy™ already installed in a number of dealerships and the reaction we’re getting back. The fact that F&I is about to be rolled out just puts me over the edge.

There is still a lot of work to get done, but most everything remaining is mainly cleanup and adding some of the advanced processes that don’t get used very often. We’re also working on converting over the first TBA customer so will be reporting back the progress on that as we proceed.

Training on the new system has also begun internally as we start the transition from TBA to Lizzy. We will still be supporting TBA going forward but you’ll start to see more of the staff able to assist with Lizzy as well. We have a lot going on at the moment and all is very exciting.

On a side note: I’ve been stuck in a closet writing code for the last 10 years or so and have lost the contact with a lot of you that I use to have. While I’ve obviously gotten a lot done in that closet, its been really nice getting let out and meeting up with some of you guys again. I’ve been conducting demos almost every week with new and old dealers and its been refreshing having the discussions and hearing the input first hand. Its also been really nice having one of you asking for something new in Lizzy and being able to deliver it to you a few days later. Anyway, just wanted to thank you guys for standing behind us on the leap forward and assure you that we are listening and we are going to continue to provide THE product everything else compares to. Lizzy™ is the most exciting solution I’ve ever had the privilege to work with and my development and support teams couldn’t be better.

Since I’m getting so gushy here I want to also thank my development team for sticking with me these last few years. Its been really stressful taking on this project and you guys rock. Every member of the team fits a need perfectly and we wouldn’t be where we are if we missed even one of them.

Ok, I’m through with my speech, you guys have a great day and we’ll be in touch soon. Things are going to start moving really fast from this point forward.

–glenn hancock