04.17.2010 Lizzy™ Update

04.17.2010 Lizzy™ Update

I know it’s been a while since my last update so I wanted to take a few minutes to catch everyone up on the overall project. The first thing worth mentioning is that we posted another release last weekend that added a bit more functionality to Lizzy™ as well as fixing a few minor things that have come up for some of you. You can view this release here..

Warranty claims are finished for the most part and we’re working on getting them posted into account receivables so that you can process the credits that can later be used in Payables. The next thing on the warranty plate will be to have Lizzy™ automatically submitting the claims for you, or at the very least, putting the claims into a format that can easily be uploaded to the vendors websites.

F&I processes are nearing completion and we’re spending most all of our time on creating the forms for the different States. We’re approaching most of this work on an as needed basis and adding the forms as we add dealers. I’ll keep you up to date on this part of the project as it progresses but so far things are looking really good. We’ve had a number of meetings with new and old customers and have worked out most of the kinks that we’ve been told about so far. I’m sure more will come up as we add more dealers but we’ll address them as quickly as possible as they come to light.

As you can see from the release notes, we’ve been spending a good bit of time tweaking things in different modules and adding new features as we move forward. We’ve added more reports to the system that some of you have requested and we have even more on the way.

Its getting harder and harder for me to make these posts because so much is happening so fast that its hard to keep up with. I’d suggest reading and keeping up with the release notes as a great place to start tracking us in more detail. They cover every important aspect of a release and the different tickets that are completed along the way.

Lizzy™ is really shaping up to be the product we’ve all wanted but could never quite reach far enough to obtain. The extra functionality that is available to us because of being on the web is tremendous and opening many new doors that we had never considered before. Within the next week we’ll be releasing a new SDK that will allow web stores and other 3rd party software vendors to interface directly into the heart of the system. This is going to allow things such as real time inventory requests, customer lookups, invoice processing and more, that is much more difficult on other Dealer Management Solutions. We are on our way to having Lizzy™ be the standard everyone else is measured against.

Well, enough blab. You guys have a great week and we’ll hopefully be speaking with you again soon.

–glenn hancock