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  • Phone+1 678.359.4184
  • Address126 A Singley Rd. Jackson GA 30233
  • Open HoursSupport : Mon – Fri: 9 AM – 6 PM EST / Sat: 9 AM – 1 PM EST

Better Than Sales Force CRM

Sure, we all do it, my toy is better than yours, my bike is better than yours and it continues on into life with a never ending “My X is better than yours”.  But sometimes better is just better and in this article I’m going to note some of the key differences between Lizzy’s CRM and SalesForce.com.  Note: Everything in this article is my opinion and I’m extremely biased towards Lizzy (obviously), but I usually try to keep myself grounded and will continue that effort here.  I will list the pros of salesforce where I see them and I’m in no way an expert on their product.  Most of what I know has been given to me during demos of Lizzy and the clients are already using SalesForce’s product.

So lets get started…

First the most obvious: Price.  With Lizzy we do not have multiple CRM offerings because it goes against our business model.  We feel, if you need CRM we need to give you the best money can buy, so we give it all to you.  So for the current price of $60/month, you get full CRM, not just bits and pieces.  This includes unlimited Contacts, Calls, Email, Calendar, Teams and it even has available plug-ins that are completely integrated with CRM like PDM, Invoicing, Inventory Control and a lot more.  These other modules are not always needed though, and there are extra fees involved.  But the point here is that at the end of the day, you’re getting a lot more options with Lizzy than you do with Salesforce.

Next in line is functionality.

With Salesforce you get Contacts, Opportunities, Accounts and a lot of other things you need a dictionary to define for you before you can fully take advantage of them.  With Lizzy, you get a Contact List and everything you do, you do from there.  You look up a contact based on his/her name or business name but its a specific search.  You get immediate feed back through our 100% AJAX platform, which to date no one else has.  Once you locate the contact you can see all of the additional contacts listed on the page, any relationships to other businesses or people are easily accessible from the same screen. You can log calls, review history and so much more.

Because Lizzy is all AJAX, we also have one of the fastest solutions on the Internet today.

We’re not a Cloud Based solution, so you can rest assured your data is all protected in a standardized internal structure that is never shared with other developers in other countries.

Lizzy is developed only with developers here in the United States.  We don’t farm out any of our jobs or work to other countries except for opening data centers or support centers to support the specific countries we do business in.  All development, remains here in the states.

Lizzy has the concept of logging calls based on Topics which gives us the ability to link multiple phone calls to a single topic.  We schedule call backs based on the call topics on team as well as individual calendars. Giving your people the ability to see each others calendars and to schedule meetings and call backs easily without having to discuss internally.

We support conference call scheduling and logging in a single click.  You’re talking with 10 customers at the same time?  Why not log the call once and let Lizzy link it to all the people in the call?

In this article we’re discussing CRM, but you must also consider that we’ve been creating full blown business and accounting systems for over 16 years and all of those modules are also available and fully integrated.

We provide a completely integrated email system that you could think of comparing to something like gmail, but that is totally isolated within your company database and that automatically links up to your contact records to keep everyone on the same page no matter where you are accessing from.

We have a CRM ticketing system that allows you to log and track tickets for each contact record which is where you’d store tasks that take longer to do than just a phone call.  These can be scheduled to other reps where needed, and will forever be linked to the customer record for historical purposes.

You have a built in knowledge base that can be used to store documents, testing procedures, FAQ’s and more.

Because Lizzy uses AJAX, you can be in the middle of logging a call with multiple topics, click off and go research a problem or create a ticket on the fly and then with a single click be right where you left off.  Everything saved and waiting for you.

Salesforce currently has plugins for things like email, where they push the information you have in outlook up to their servers to store on the contact records, where we give you integrated email so you don’t need Outlook at all.  These differences may be something to look into.

Salesforce currently integrates to more phone systems than Lizzy does but that is changing as well as we move forward with future releases.

But the coolest part of Lizzy that you don’t get with any other system, is that we work directly with our customers in order to provide the best solution, period.  This means if we happen to be missing something you need, its just a matter of asking for it and we’ll work hard to get it added to the system for you.  Good thing for you is we’ve been doing this for many years now and probably have most of what you need, already in the product.